Product Size Guide & Helpful Tips

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Measure yourself according to the picture below:    Please note all sizing displayed on the website are shown in Australian sizing.  In order to ensure you order the right size we strongly recommend you measure yourself to avoid any disappointment of ordering the incorrect sizes.

Size Bust Waist Hips
8 (XS) 33.8" 86cm 27.2" 69cm 37.8" 96cm
10 (S) 35.8" 91cm 29.1" 74cm 39.8" 101cm
12 (M) 37.8" 96cm 31.1" 79cm 41.7" 106cm
14 (L) 39.8" 101cm 33" 84cm 43.7" 111cm
16 (L) 41.7" 106cm 35" 89cm 45.7" 116cm
18 (XL) 43.7" 111cm 37" 94cm 47.6" 121cm
20 (XXL) 45.7" 116cm 38.9 99cm 49.6" 126cm
22 (XXL) 47.6" 121cm 40.9" 104cm 51.6" 131cm

Pants Leg Length
 Short Leg
 Regular Leg

Shoe Size Guide

6 37 4 24.6
7 38 5 25.4
8 39 6 26.2
9 40 7 27.1
10 41 8 27.9

For information, see our Footwear Sizing Guide.  


Please note this is only a guide, please measure yourself to avoid disappointment as all brands sizes can measure differently. 
Find or quick guide below to help-Just remeber you can return you lingerie online if you have any issues.
* Measure under the bust firmly

To make it easy for you to find the perfect fitting bra, here’s our simple step by step guide that will help you assess what size is best for you: 

STEP 1: Wear your favourite or most comfortable bra, stand in front of a mirror. 

STEP 2: Check that your back fastening is on the loosest hook (closest to the edge). If your favourite bra is more than 6mths old, we recommend placing it on the middle hook. 

STEP 3: Check that your straps are NOT digging into your shoulders nor slipping off. They should feel firm but not tight, allowing you to place 2 fingers comfortably between your shoulder and the strap. If you can lift the strap more than 2cm away from the shoulder, then tighten it slightly. 

STEP 4: Now with your hands on your hips, turn so that you can see your back in the mirror and check your back band. Is the band sitting straight across your back and horizontal to the floor? Does it feel firm but not too restrictive? Remember that the band provides majority of your support. If too loose then it will allow your bust to sag forward, alternatively if too tight it will dig in and could be painful. You should ensure that it feels firm but not tight.

Feels too loose and is riding up the back - Go down a band size and up a cup size
Feels too tight and like you can’t breathe - Go up a band size and down a cup size 

STEP 5: Next you need to check the cups. Still standing with your hands on your hips, turn side on to the mirror so that you can see the wire and the profile of your bust.

5a: Firstly check the position of the underwire - is all of your breast tissue enclosed within the wire? Does the wire follow a natural path towards your underarm without sitting in your underarm area?

Wire is sitting too low and breast tissue is not enclosed on wire - Try the next cup size up
Wire is sitting too high in underarm - Try a cup size smaller

5b: Next, check the edge of the cup - how is it sitting against your bust? Is it cutting the bust creating a ‘double boob’ effect? Is it sitting flat against your bust?

The cup edge is cutting the breast and creating a bulge (‘double boob’ effect) - Go up a cup size
The cup edge is gaping - Try a cup size smaller

5c: Finally, we need to check the centre gusset area between your breasts—does it sit flat or is it gaping away from your rib cage?

The wires in the centre are not sitting flat against chest - Go up a cup size
The wires are poking into the chest - Try a larger band size